Yellow - Soldering Bit Cleaning Sponge [Pack of 10]

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Soldering Bit Cleaning Sponge Yellow
The soldering bit cleaning sponge is porous, so it holds water. Rubbing a hot soldering iron tip on a wet sponge causes the solder to contract at a different rate than the soldering iron, helping to knock off any globs of solder that may be clinging to the tip. It is an ideal replacement for the old sponges. It removes all the Solder residue and keeps your Soldering tip clean. It lasts long even after extensive multiple time usage. Low cost and high-quality solder sponge.

Features and Specifications:-
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: High Resistance Sponge
  • Removes all Solder Residue
  • Low cost and high-quality solder sponge
  • Ideal replacement for the old sponges
  • Solder sponge removes oxides and excess solders from soldering iron tips
  • Provides extended tip life and precise soldering
  • Colour: Yellow

Soldering Bit Cleaning Purpose

Package Includes:-
10 Pcs X Soldering Bit Cleaning Sponge - Yellow

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