XL4016E1 200W Step Down Power Supply Module

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The 10A DC-DC Step-down Adjustable Constant Voltage Module can be used to get adjustable output voltage ranges from 1.5V to 35V. The module provides a wide range of current output up to 10 A. With heat sink mounted it can easily manage to run high power application continuously (provided that for continuous high power output you need to use a cooling fan on the heat sink).

Technical Specification:

  • Input Supply voltage: 7 ~ 32V
  • Output voltage: Continuously adjustable (0.8 ~ 28V)
  • Output Current: 12A 
  • Conversion efficiency: 95%
  • Operating frequency: 300KHz
  • No-load current: Typical 20mA
  • Load regulation: ± 1%
  • Voltage Regulation: ± 1%
  • Output Power: max. 300W
  • Size: 6.52cm*4.67cm*2.37cm (L*W*H)


  • To enhance the stabilization in output voltage it has four high-frequency capacitance which gives the lower output ripple
  • Double heat sink design provides easy and fast heat dissipation
  • Due to use of independent heat sink, heat dissipation is good, and won’t affect each other
  • Uses large size double pure copper wiring, which improves working efficiency and reduce heat


  • Battery charging
  • LED Driver power supply
  • Vehicle Power Supply

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