X9C104S Digital Potentiometer Board Module

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This module helps you simulate the mechanical control of a potentiometer. The integrated circuit contains 99 series-related resistors. With a microcontroller, you can control the module and select the place where the centre pin of the "potentiometer" is connected, anywhere in the 100 points available (at the ends of the group or between the resistors).

The X9C104 digital potentiometer consists of inserting a hundred resistors with a 1K ohm value. With the pins we can select the number of resistors we want, so we can digitally vary the resistance of the potentiometer. The device dissipates a power of 10 mW and supports resistors with a maximum current of 4.4 mA.

Technical Specification:

  • Logic supply voltage: 5V
  • Supply voltage resistors: ± 5V
  • Maximum current resistance: 4.4m
  • Power dissipation: 10mW
  • Resistance: 100k
  • Resistance accuracy: 20%


  • The X9C104 digital potentiometer module is a variable resistor whose resistance value can be set digitally by a microcontroller
  • In addition it consists of  3 output pins (RH، RW و RL) which can replace a mechanical potentiometer which has 3 pins
  • This module has 99 resistance components and its resistor is controlled by a 3-wire interface


  • Resistive divider
  • Variable resistance 

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