VS1053 MP3 Recording Module Development Board

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VS1053 is the most powerful chip of VS10xx series from VLSI company, it can play various music formats, also supports OGG real-time encoding recording.

The MP3 development board uses an AVR processor, and the board reserves an ISP interface for easy connection and use.

 Technical Specification:

  • Material: metal
  • Color: red
  • Single power supply: +5VDCcapacitorfilter
  • LDO chip: AMS-1117
  • Current: 800mAh
  • Crystaloscillator: 12.288Mhz
  • Size: 62.8mm*56.1mm*17.9mm (L*W*H)


  • SPI interface, the control signal lines are led out
  • A headphone and stereo output
  • Onboard Microphone for recording
  • A line-in input interface
  • Separate 3.5 mm Jack for MIC and Speaker
  • Onboard Power Indicator


  • Voice Recorder
  • Microcontroller based audio playback
  • Sound recorder

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