Vaccum pump

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This micro-pump is powered miniature DC motor drive, drive internal mechanical eccentric motion, driven by an eccentric movement inside the diaphragm reciprocates.

Technical Specification:

  • Rated voltage: DC 12.0V
  • Rated current: <970mA
  • Air flow: >8.5L/M
  • Maximum pressure: >90Kpa
  • Vacuum pressure: <-65Kpa
  • Noise: <70dB
  • Pipe diameter: 5.0mm
  • Size: 85.5mm*64.5mm*40mm


  • Small, stable and reliable
  • Suitable for high negative environmental requirements
  • Hand-held instrument for pump-priming, low noise, low power consumption


  • Massage equipment
  • Beauty products
  • Vacuum package machine

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