USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232 Module

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USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232 Module is a non isolated industrial grade USB to RS485 Converter Module. And has USB 2.0 Type B Female Connector on end, and the other end has 3pin Pluggable terminal for connection with RS485 interface. This module can support communication with multiple devices on the RS485 Bus, and so can support upto 32 devices in bus. It has facility of auto baud rate detection and supports baud rate. It also has automatic data flow control technology, and automatic identification.

This USB to RS485 Converter module uses MAX3485 and FT232 Chips. And Because its using FT232 chip, the problem related to USB driver do no occur. It also has internal TVS diodes, and USB Self recovery protection.

Technical Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Screw Terminal: 3
  • Baud Rate(bps): 300 to 9216000
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 90°C
  • Size: 78mm*20mm*1mm(L*W*H)


  • Industrial Grade RS485 to USB Converter Module
  • Automatic Data Flow Control
  • Baud rate with auto detect
  • Supports Multipoint communication, upto 32 RS485 Interace devices
  • Interface Protection: TVS Diode, USB Self Recovery Protect


  • Industrial Control Fields
  • Surveillance camera
  • Video capture
  • Fingerprint attendance machine
  • Program-controlled switches

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