USB Host Board Sheild

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There is a huge variety of shields that are available which can be stacked on top of an Arduino. Often there are more than one manufacturer for a single type of shield itself. In a way this is good, because as a user you are going to have multiple options. But it becomes a problem when the shield is pretty complex (like the USB Host Shield) and you have to use a library and the shields are not compatible with each other. One such shield which has many incompatible versions is USB Host Shield and in this post I am going to tell you how you can select the proper shield and also the changes that you have to do to make even the incompatible shields work with the library.

Technical Specification:

  • Material: FR4
  • Port: USB
  • Utilized IC /Part: MAX3421E
  • Size: Size (mm): 55mm*53.3mm*23.8mm (L*W*H)


  • Works with standard (dual 5/3.3V) and 3.3V-only (for example, Arduino Pro) boards.
  • Operates over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range
  • Complies with USB Specification Revision 2.0 (Full-Speed 12Mbps Peripheral, Full-/Low-Speed 12Mbps/1.5Mbps Host)


  • Embedded Systems
  • Microprocessors and DSPs
  • Medical Devices
  • Cameras
  • PDAs
  • Custom USB Devices
  • PLCs
  • MP3 Players

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