TTP229 - 16 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

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The TTP229 16-Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module is based on a touch-sensing IC (TTP229) touch switch module. The module provides a single integrated touch sensing area of 11*10.5mm with a sensor range of ~5mm.

An onboard LED will give a visual indication of when the sensor is triggered. When triggered the output of the module will switch from its idle low state to high (default operation). Solder jumpers allow for re-configuring its mode of operation to be either active low or toggle output.

The TTP229 is a touchpad detector IC replicating a single tactile button.

Technical Specification:

  • Working voltage: 2.4 Volts - 5.5 Volts
  • Stand by current: < 2.5 µA
  • Sampling rate option: 8 Hz and fast sampling rate 64 Hz at sleep mode
  • Module can set output mode : key output mode, output time, low power choice
  • Color : Blue
  • Size: 64.5mm*49.3mm (L*W)


  • I2C Interface
  • The 16 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module offers multi key or single key feature
  • Auto calibration for environment changing


  • Wide consumer products
  • Button key replacement

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