TTP224 - 4 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

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The TTP224 is a touch pad detector IC which offers 4 touch key. The touching detection IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with diverse pad size. Capacitive touch allows electronics to sense when your finger is within a few millimetres of a surface to simulate a button (press) just like how the pushbutton works. Capacitive sensing may be used in any place where low to no force human touch sensing is desirable.

Technical Specification:

  • On-board 4-key TTP224 capacitive touch sensor IC
  • 4 status indicator LEDs
  • Working Voltage Range: 2.4 V to 5.5 V
  • Configurable output mode
  • PCB Size: 35mm*29mm*1mm (L*W*H)


  • Simple to Use, Auto Calibration
  • Output Status Indicator LED
  • Output can configured be Active High or Low
  • Output Mode can be configured to Toggle or Momentary
  • Easy to replace mechanical key outputs
  • Output can be directly connected to Microcontroller's Input pins


  • Wide consumer products
  • Button key replacement

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