TTL to RS485 Power Supply Converter Board

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The MAX485 TTL To RS485 Module converts TTL signal to RS485 for long-range, high data rate error-prone differential communication. Digital communications networks implementing the EIA-485 standard can be used effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments.

This converter lets you send and receive data using the RS485 network from your Arduino/microcontroller. Similar to Serial TTL and RS232 interfaces, the RS485 lets you transfer data between microcontrollers and devices but with extra features! RS485 is an industry-standard protocol for data transfer and provides numerous advantages.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating Voltage (VDC):3 ~ 30
  • Compatible Signals:3.3V and 5.0V
  • Working Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Baud Rate: 110 to 256000bps
  • Size: 52mm*24mm*6mm (L*W*H)


  • High Speed ​​Data Transfer
  • Usable in noisy areas
  • Current Limiting for Overload Protection
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy to use


  • Industrial-Control Local Area Networks
  • Level Translators
  • Transceivers for EMI-Sensitive Applications

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