TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Controller

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TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Controller
  • The current level can be adjusted to meet your various application needs.
  • Automatic semi-flow adjustable.
  • using 6N137 high-speed diaphragm, to ensure high speed without losing step.
  • Board printing settings instructions, can also be operated without instructions.
  • The use of thick tooth radiator, good heat dissipation.
  • Working voltage DC 10V-35V. It is recommended to use a switching power supply DC24V for power supply.
  • Adopt 6N137 high-speed diaphragm to ensure high speed without losing step.
  • Adopt Toshiba TB6560AHQ brand new original chip, which has low voltage shutdown, overheat shutdown and overcurrent protection circuit to ensure the best performance.
  • The rated maximum output is: plus-minus3A, peak 3.5A.
  • It is suitable for two-phase/four-phase/four-wire/six-wire stepping motor with 42,57 stepping within 3A, not suitable for stepping motor over 3A.
  • Automatic semi-flow function.
  • Subdivision: full step, half step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, maximum 16 subdivision.
  • Volume: width 50 length 75 height 35 (MM)
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1 X TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Controller

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