Strain Gauge Bending Sensor Module

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A strain gauge is a device used to measure strain on an object. This strain gauge module uses the strain gauge BF350-3AA, it has an on-board amplifier and potentiometer to adjust the measured results. A Strain gauge is a sensor whose resistance varies with applied force. It converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance which can then be measured. A strain gauge works on the principle of electrical conductance and its dependence on the conductor’s geometry. Whenever a conductor is stretched within the limits of its elasticity, it doesn’t break but, gets narrower and longer.

Technical Specification:

  • Model: BF350-3AA/1.5AA
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Sensitivity factor: 2
  • Strain limit: 2%
  • Grid wire(LxW): 2x3.5mm
  • Base material: modified phenolic substrate
  • Resistance: 350 ohms
  • Fatigue life: >10000000 times
  • Flux: ordinary rosin solder
  • Size(LxW): 32*17mm


  • Two tubes reverse protection ~ (to prevent the power supply from connected to the back)
  • On board with a blue LED power indicator
  • Analog output
  • The higher the bending degree, the higher the output voltage
  • Zero potentiometer


  • Aerospace
  • Cable Bridges
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Measuring torque and power in a wide range of rotating equipment such as fans, generators, wheels and propellers

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