STM32F103C8T6 Minimum System ARM Core Development Board

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STM32F103C9T6 microcontroller that has an ARM Cortex-M3 core that runs at 72MHz max. Software libraries are available that allow users to program the chip using the Arduino IDE. STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller comes with GPIO pins, processor, memory, USB port, Analog to Digital Converters, and other peripherals. An ARM Cortex Core with an amazing speed of 72 MHz and remarkable power efficiency.

Technical Specification:

  • Model: STM32F103C8T6
  • Core: ARM 32 Cortex-M3 CPU
  • Debug mode: SWD
  • 72MHz work frequency
  • 64K flash memory, 20K SRAM
  • 0-3.6V power, I/O
  • 4-16MHz crystal
  • Size: 5.3cm*2.2cm (L*W)


  • On-board Mini USB interface, you can give the board power supply and USB communication.
  • On-board test indicator LED
  • On-board reset button and power indicator LED
  • On-board 100ma 3.3V Regulator
  • All GPIO are led out and the names of the pins are marked
  • After soldering the headers, you can directly plug the board onto the breadboard


  • Robotics
  • Medical systems
  • Home automation systems
  • Low-cost embedded systems
  • Consumers equipment
  • GPS systems
  • Industrial Applications

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