Sonal SP-8 Soldering Iron Stand with Sponge Tray

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Soldron Soldering iron stands used to hold a hot iron when not in immediate use. The operator can set a hot iron in the stand without worrying about laying the iron on a flammable or otherwise damageable surface. The perfect place to place to put your soldering iron. Comes with a sponge for cleaning your bit.


  • Model No.: SP-8
  • Brand : Sonal
  • Weight : 300gm


  • Ideal for both hobbyists and professional users
  • Includes a sponge tray for cleaning the soldering iron tip
  • Spiral spring construction makes it virtually impossible to accidentally touch the iron when inserted into the stand
  • The wide spring holder provides plentiful room for holding the soldering iron support.
  •  Excellent after-sold service
  • Safety
  • Base and holder
  • Replaceable soft coiled brass tip cleaner
  • Keeps tip temperature constant
  • Made of premium alloy


  • Suitable for use with varieties of soldering irons

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