SOLDRON SL938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station With Sleep Mode

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SOLDRON 938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station [938]

  • Currently the only Soldron station with sleep mode.
  • With this station you can save electricity and the cost of buying new bits, thanks to the sleep mode system built into it. 
  • You can set the temperature with the dial and the LED display. If you want to take a break and will require the use of the iron again soon, place the iron into the provided stand and let it be for 15 minutes to enable sleep mode. When you pick up the iron, it will begin to heat again.

Important: Please switch off the unit from the mains when not in use. Soldering Irons and Stations should always be switched off before being placed into storage.


Input 230V AC
Power Consumption 60Watts
Type Digital Control
Source Cable Length 1.35 mtrs.
Iron Cable Length 1.35 mtrs.
Temperature Range 200 deg.C - 480 deg.C
Sleep Mode Yes (auto mode 15mins if iron kept idle/untouched)
  • NOTE: Use original SOLDRON spares and accessories,
  • For Warranty <- Visit this link 

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