SOLDRON SL936 Temperature Controlled Analog Soldering Station

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Soldron 936 Temperature Controlled Analog Soldering Station.

SOLDRON entry level Soldering Station makes do without an LCD display and other fancy bells and whistles.  

This might be a simple iron but still comes with all the important basics, such as ESD safety and advanced transformer based power to the element. You can tell that the iron is running by the LED light blinking.

Input 230V AC
Power Consumption 60Watts
Type Analog Control
Source Cable Length 1.35 mtrs.
Iron Cable Length 1.35 mtrs.
Temperature Range 200 deg.C - 480 deg.C
Sleep Mode No


  • MCH Solid State Element used as compared to winding element used in other's products.
  • ESD Safe
  • Power Supply to Iron: 24 Volts / 60 Watts
  • NOTE: Use original SOLDRON spares and accessories,
  • For Warranty <- Visit this link 

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