SOLDRON SI100 100W/230V Soldering Iron

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SI100A SOLDRON 100 Watt Soldering Iron
Ideally suited for heavy power electronic circuits that require higher temperature.


  • Each iron comes with ringed spade bit BN100S8 attached.
  • Ringed bit for easy changing
  • Superior SOLDRON developed element for fast and consistent heating
  • Continuous rated (24 hours)
  • Comes with comfortable handle.


  • Extra heavy large electrical terminal tinning & soldering jobs
  • Ideal for the electrical and automotive industries
  • Tinning & Soldering up to 10sqmm (approx) wire lugs
  • Soldering copper sheets up to 1mm thick (approx)
  • Large component soldering such as SCR, TRIACs, Diodes
  • Motor winding
  • Note Only copper, brass and solderable metals will adhere to the solder. Stainless Steel, Aluminum will not adhere.


Wattage 100W
Max. Temp. 500ºC max.
Input 230V/50hz Ac
Bit Model Number. BN100S8
Wire Length 1.4 Mtrs / 3core
Earthed Yes


  • Gun Length (15Handle+12Heating Arm)= 27 CM
  • Body Diameter: 3.3 cm max
  • Bit Tip Diameter: 8.6 mm
  • Color Black and Red
  • Weight(gm)  248
  • Shipment Weight  0.375 kg
  • Shipment Dimensions  24 6 3 cm

Package Includes :
1 x SOLDRON High-Quality 100W/230V Soldering Iron

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