SOLDRON 878D 2-IN-1 Hot Air and Soldering Station

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SOLDRON 878D Multi Function ESD Protected Hot Air and Iron Digital Rework Station

Soldering Iron Features:
  • ESD safe, lead free iron with printed ceramic heater.
  • Microcontroller based smart circuit design.
  • Sleep function to save energy and conserve the bit.

Hot Air Gun Features: 

  • High Capacity heater with temperature sensor for uniform and fast heating.
  • Blower on the handle with speed control makes it light weight, efficient and easy to use.
  • When placed in the cradle, the hot air gun heater switches off automatically and starts fan to cool it.

  • Specifications: 
  • Watts 600 watts all combined
    Iron 60watts 480degC max ESD SAFE
    Hot air blower 550 watts max 450degC max ESD SAFE
    Input  230V/Ac
    Station Body Aluminum body with powder coated
    Controller Micro  Controller based with 7 segment display
  • NOTE: Use original SOLDRON spares and accessories, for Warranty <- Visit this link 

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