Pulse Sensor Module - APDS9008

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PulseSensor is a reflection type photoelectric analog sensor used to measure pulse and heart rate. Having been worn around the finger or earlobe, the sensor can transmit the collected analog signal to MCU. And then the analog signal will be converted into digital signal. With simple calculation finished, the MCU gets heart rate values and uploads them to computer for drawing the pulse waveform. PulseSensor is an open source hardware, suitable for scientific research and teaching presentation on heart rate subject and secondary development.

Technical Specification:

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • Output Signal Type: Analog Signal
  • PCB Diameter: 16mm
  • Amplification: 330
  • LED Wavelength: 609nm
  • Output Signal Range: 0~3.3V (3.3V supply voltage) or 0~5V (5V supply voltage)
  • Current Range: < 4mA


  • A Color-Coded Cable, with a standard male header connectors. Plug it straight into an Arduino or a Breadboard. No soldering is required
  • The Pulse Sensor has 3 holes around the outside edge which make it easy to sew it into almost anything
  • Visualization software (made in Processing) to instantly see the output of the sensor and for troubleshooting
  • Combines optical heart rate sensor with amplification and noise cancellation circuit
  • Fast and easy to get reliable pulse readings


  • Sleep Tracking
  • Anxiety monitoring
  • Remote patient monitoring/alarm system  
  • Health bands
  • Advanced gaming consoles

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