Photoelectric Infrared Count Big Slot Sensor Module

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This is a IR based wide-gap sensor Module based onWYC-H2010 Sensor. This Wide IR Sensor Module is basically aphoto-interrupter consisting of a IR Transmitter on one side and a IR receiver on the other side. The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is 10 mm.

The module can be used with a microcontroller, Arduino and even Raspberry Pi for motor speed detection, pulse count, position detection, pulse counting. This module can basically detect when an object passes between the transmitter and the receiver and breaks the beam.

Technical Specification:

  • Output: Digital
  • Model Number: Photoelectric Sensor
  • The main chip: LM 393 and WYC-H2010 IR Opto-interrupter
  • Working voltage: 5 Volt DC
  • Size: 32mm*11mm*20mm (L*W*H)


  • With signal output indicator
  • Single signal output
  • The effective output signal is of low level
  • The sensitivity is not adjustable
  • Circuit board output switch value


  • Industry counting
  • Motor speed testing

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