Multi Roller Castor Wheel

SKU: VJT0300

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When your little robot needs something to lean on, it can lean on this support wheel. Perfect for use with 2-wheeled robots that need a third-point of support.

Technical Specification:

  • Wheel Type: White Nylon, Dual roller bearing
  • Wheel Diameter: 21mm 
  • Load bearing: ~10kg
  • Wheel Thickness: 14.2mm 
  • Bottom Plate: 32mm*38mm
  • Overall Height: 33mm
  • Mounting Holes Distance: 30mm*23mm


  • Comes attached to a mounting plate and with M4 screws hole 
  • Can rotate a full 360° on the plate and the sleek silver metal look suits any robot


  • Can be used as a support for the 2-wheeled robots

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