MQ8 - Hydrogen Gas Sensor Module

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MQ8 - Hydrogen Gas Sensor Module
This sensor module has an MQ-8 as the sensor component and has a protection resistor and an adjustable resistor on-board. A sensitive material MQ-8 Hydrogen H2 Gas Sensor Module use in clean air low conductivity tin oxide (SnO2). When there is the environment in which the combustible gas sensor, conductivity sensor with increasing concentration of combustible gases in air increases.

Using a simple circuit to convert the change in conductivity of the gas concentration corresponding to the output signal. MQ-8 hydrogen gas sensor of high sensitivity, the monitoring of the other hydrogen-containing gas is also very satisfactory.
This sensor can detect a wide range of hydrogen gas, city gas, in particular, is a low-cost sensor for a variety of applications.

Suitable for home or industrial hydrogen leakage monitoring devices. Can not interfere with ethanol vapor, soot, carbon monoxide, and other gases.

Specifications & Features of MQ8 Hydrogen H2 Gas Sensor Module:-

  • Using high-quality dual-panel design, with power indicator and TTL signal output instructions.
  • The switching signal having a DO (TTL) output and analog output AO.
  • TTL output valid signal is low. ( Low-level signal when the output light can directly connect to the microcontroller or relay module)
  • Analog 0 ~ 5 v voltage, the higher the voltage, the concentration of the analog output voltage is higher.
  • Continuous analog output.
  • A hydrogen gas detection with good sensitivity.
  • There are four screw holes for easy positioning.
  • Has a long life and reliable stability
  • Rapid response and recovery characteristics

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