Mastech MS6813 Multi-Function Cable Tracker

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MS6813 is a hand held network cable tester, ideal for Coaxial Cable (BNC), UTP and STP Cable installation, measurement, maintenance or inspection. It also offers a fast and convenient way of testing telephone line modes, greatly simplifies telephone line installation and maintenance.

Technical Specification:

  • Audio signal frequency: 4KHz
  • Receive frequency range: 100 to 300KHz
  • Transmitter power supplied by: 1 * DC 9V 6F22 battery
  • Receiver power supplied by: 1 * DC 9V 6F22 battery
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 Celsius degree
  • Transmitter size: 22 * 8.3 * 4.3cm
  • Transmitter weight: 263g
  • Receiver size: 15.5 * 3.3 * 2.2cm
  • Receiver weight: 45g


  • Network integrity and configuration examination.
  • Open/ shorts circuit, miss wiring, reversals, and split pairs testing
  • Network Continuity testing
  • Cable open/short point tracing
  • Receive signals in the network or telephone cable
  • Transmitting signal to target network and tracing cable direction

Pin Description:


  • Telephone Lines
  • Cable installation, maintenance

Package Includes:

  • MS6813T cable tracker (Transmitter)
  • MS6813R cable tracker (Receiver)
  • Battery
  • User’s Manual

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