Makey Makey - An Invention Kit

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Makey Makey is an invention kit that encourages people to find creative ways to interact with their computers, by using everyday objects as replacement for keyboard and mouse.

Technical Specification:

  • The REV 1.2 board is built around the Microchip PIC 18F25K50.
  • With the REV 1.2 reprogramming the microcontroller is no longer possible, and the functionality is now limited to keyboard and mouse emulation.
  • REV 1.2 also drops the open source nature of the board design, and the new Makey Makey boards no longer can run stand-alone code.
  • The newest 2017 version seems to be designed around a GPCE4096UA sound controller.
  • Designed around the Atmel 32U4 microcontroller
  • The e controller uses all 12 analog input pins on the 32U4 microcontroller in combination with a pull-up resistor array to sense the low voltages returning from conducting materials like fruit or skin
  • This microcontroller can easily be used as a USB-HID device and act as a keyboard, gamepad or mouse
  • You can also program the official Makey Makey using the Arduino IDE


  • Design your own controller with everyday materials like playdough or graphite pencils
  • Make musical circuits with liquids, fruits, and low cost office supplies
  • Using foil, pennies, and paper clips, invent sensors just like scientists do


  • Craft and Code
  • Supermarket Circuits
  • Build your own Sensors

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