LoRa SX1278 433MHZ Long Range RF Wireless Module

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Lora SX1278 433MHZ Long Range RF Wireless Module with Wireless alarm system. This module is a type of low-cost RF front-end transceiver module based on SX1278 from Semtech Corporation. It keeps the advantages of RFIC SX1278 but simplifies the circuit design. The high sensitivity (-136dBm) in LoRa modulation and 20dBm high power output make the module suitable for low range and low data rate applications.

The module consists of RFIC SX1278, thin SMD crystal, and an antenna matching circuit. The antenna port is well matched to standard 50 Ohm impedance. Users don’t need to spend time in RF circuit design and choose suitable antennas for different applications.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency Range: 433MHz
  • Modulation: FSK/GFSK/MSK/LoRa
  • Sensitivity: -136dBm
  • Output Power: +20dBm
  • Data Rate: <300 kbps
  • Working Temperature: -40°C ~+80°C
  • Build-in temperature sensor
  • Standby current: ≤ 1uA
  • Supply voltage: 1.8~3.6
  • Size: 27.8mm*14.4mm*4mm (L*W*H)


  • Half-duplex communication
  • ISM multi-band, no need to apply for frequency free use
  • Multi-frequency and a variety of transmission rates for chosen. Can be used in FDMA and FM technology
  • Intelligent reset, low voltage monitoring, timer wakeup, low power mode, sleep mode
  • Preamble detection
  • Automatic RF Sense and CAD monitor
  • Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery
  • Built-in temperature sensor


  • Wireless ordering machine, oil, mining, construction sites, factories and other original 485/232 interface system
  • Industrial data acquisition, transmission, intelligent control system
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Intelligent furniture system
  • Baby monitoring system/hospital paging system

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