LM317 DC Linear Regulator, DC-DC 4.5~40V Turn 1.2~37V, Step Down Power Module, Adjustable

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M317 is an adjustable voltage regulator IC. In this project, we will be making a 1.25V to 37V LM317 adjustable voltage regulator circuit. This IC can provide an output current up to 1Amp. It’s a three-terminal positive voltage regulator IC.

This voltage regulator requires only two external resistors to set the supply voltage. It has a line regulation of around 0.01% and load regulation of about 0.1%. It also has a current limiter and thermal protection.

Technical Specification:

  • Input: DC:0-30v / AC:0-22V
  • Output: DC 1.25-28V
  • Output current: 2A(Max)
  • The minimum differential between input and output: 3 volts; input must be higher than the output voltage above 3V to be regulated. Buck, not boost, when input 5V output 1.25-2V, not 6V
  • Circuit board size: approx. 69mm*50mm*27mm (L x W x H)


  • Adjustable output voltage range from 1.25 V to 37 V
  • Output current more than 1.5 A
  • Internal short-circuit current limiter
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Output safe-area compensation


  • Power bank solutions
  • Power line communication modems
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
  • Power quality meters
  • Power substation controls
  • Private branch exchanges (PBX)
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • RFID readers
  • Refrigerators
  • Signal or waveform generators
  • Software-defined radios (SDR)
  • Washing machines: high-end and low-end
  • X-rays: baggage scanners, medical, and dental

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