16x2 (1602) RGB HAT LCD Keypad Shield for Raspberry Pi

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This is a 2X16 character RGB LCD+Keypad shield for Raspberry Pi. We made improvements in the wiring connection based on the previous LCD display as well as left out the contrast adjustment function, so the product can be pretty easy to use, and users can spend time focusing on the most important projects.

The RGB LCD1602 display is integrated on the shield. It leads out Raspberry Pi’s GPIO ports for connecting more device. Besides, the shield adopts IIC interface, so you can realize the 16 million color combination of the LCD, backlight brightness adjustment, display control etc. To convenient your use on Raspberry Pi, there are 5 push-buttons integrated on the board to help you to switch display and configure functions, then you can easily build up your data monitor and small operating platform.

This is 16x2 RGB LCD Keypad HAT has two display effects: colorful background or colorful font.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • 5 Push buttons to supply a custom menu control panel
  • Pin used:
    • D4-D7: LCD Data transmission
    • D8: Register Select
    • D9: Enable pin
    • D10: Backlight control
  • Size: 80mm*58 mm (L*W)


  • Provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to go through the menu, make selections etc
  • It consists of a 1602 white character blue backlight LCD
  • The keypad consists of 6 keys select, up, right, down, left and reset
  • To save the digital IO pins, the keypad interface only uses one ADC channel
  • The key value is read out through a 5 stage voltage divider


  • Human Machine Interface
  • Smart House
  • Sensor Hub
  • Games
  • Robotics

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