L298P Motor Driver Shield

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This Arduino Motor Shield is designed based on L298P Power Motor Driver IC, a full- bridge motor driver. It can drive two seperate 2A DC motors or 1 2A step motor. Motor speed and directions can be controlled separately. Also there are 6 connectors connected to Arduino analog pins for fast prototyping.

An onboard buzzer can be activated when required for audible warning purposes. This Motor shield can be powered directly from Arduino or from external power source. It is strongly recommended to use external power supply to power the motor shield.

Technical Specification:

  • Logical input voltage VD: 5V
  • Drive input voltage: VIN 6.5 - 12V, PWR IN 4.8 - 24V
  • Logical working current Iss: ≤ 36mA
  • Drive working current Io: ≤ 2A
  • Maximum power dissipation: 25W (T= 75°C)
  • Size: Size: 68.5mm*53mm*12mm (L*W*H)


  • Control two DC motors simultaneously with voltage 4.8 to 24V and up to 2A current
  • Schottky diodes to protect against reverse motor voltage
  • Drive a servo motor with a dedicated voltage regulator
  • Buzzer to make sound
  • Bluetooth connections
  • 6 digital and analog pins with 5V and GND pins for easy connection
  • Special pins for connection to ultrasonic sensor


  • Can be used to drive 2 DC motor or one 4-wire stepper and one 5v servos

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