L298N V3 Four DC Motor Driver

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This dual L298N driver module uses ST’s L298N new original chip. It has high stability SMT process, with high-quality electrolytic capacitors to make the circuit work stably. It can directly drive two 3~30V DC motor. and it provides a 5V output interface (the min input is 6V) to power for 5V single-chip circuit (low ripple factor). It also supports 3.3V MCU ARM control and so you can easily control the speed and direction of DC motor, and control the 2-phase stepper motor, 5-wire 4-phase stepper motor.

  • This drive module integrates the two L298N chip, it can drive four DC motors (reversible, can use PWM to control speed) or two stepper motors.
  • It integrates LM2596 DC-DC voltage regulator chip (which can output 5V, can power for the SCM, servos, sensor, router. the battery can up to 2A).
  • In addition to the two pieces L298N chip on the board, and then integrate a ULN2003 can drive one more stepper motor, or four DC motors (start and stop, not reversible). For example, when making fire-fighting robot, it can control extinguishing fan, not need external circuit.
  • Integrated servo interface, leads to the signal terminal, it’s convenient to dock with SCM.
  • Integrated USB connector, which can be directly powered by plugging into the router.
  • Apply to W703N, WIFI car router modification. inserting USB, leading out the RXD TXD through pins, it is convenient to communicate with its own SCM.
  • 5V DC output leading-out terminal (terminal, pin), it’s convenient to power for the 5V external devices.

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