L293D Motor Driver Board for ESP8266 WiFi NodeMcu

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This module uses one of the highest used ESP8266-12F, which can be found in many of IoT devices nowadays. The module has Micro USB Interface. It has dual use, for connection with PC, as well as for Input power supply. It has onboard 3.3 V regulator, and therefore can be supplied with up to 14 V DC. Also NodeMCU is an open-source firmware and WiFi Development Board kit.

Technical Specification:

  • Motor power supply Range: 5V ~ 36V
  • Control power Range: 5V ~ 9V (10VMAX)
  • Logic Operating current: ≤60mA
  • Drive part of the work current Io: ≤1.2A
  • Maximum power dissipation: 4W
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
  • Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃
  • Dimension: 60mm*45mm*13mm (L*W*H)


  • Easy to use
  • Modern high level Lua based technology, which is integrated with almost all peripherals onboard, so making it easy to program.
  • Internet development Tools such as Node.js can be interfaced with this device, therefore developers can take advantage of built-in API to easily make your idea in to product.
  • It is based on mature ESP8266 technology, and has abundant resources on web


  • IoT applications
  • WiFi based products

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