K Type - Cr/al - Rod Type Thermocouple Sensor

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Type K Thermocouple provides widest operating temperature range. It consist of positive leg which is non-magnetic and negative leg which is magnetic. In K Type Thermocouple traditional base metal is used due to which it can work at high temperature and can provide widest operating temperature range. One of the constituent metal in K Type Thermocouple is Nickel, which is magnetic in nature.

Technical Specification:

  • Probe material: Stainless Steel
  • Cable internal insulation: Fiberglass
  • Type: K Type, Spade type
  • Temperature Range: From -100°C to 1250°C
  • Probe Diameter: Approx.8mm
  • Cable External Shielding: Stainless Steel Braiding
  • Cable Total Length: Approx. 1M
  • Fork Terminal Spacing: 0.25°CApprox. 4mm


  • To measure temperature it provide good linearity of emf
  • It provide good resistance against oxidation below 1000 °C(1600°F)
  • Highly stable output
  • Comparatively cost effective than other thermocouple


  • They are used in many industries like Steel & Iron to monitor temperature & chemistry through out the steel making process
  • Used for testing temperatures associated with process plants e.g. chemical production and petroleum refineries
  • Used for Testing of heating appliance safety
  • Type K is commonly used in nuclear applications because of its relative radiation hardness

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