JoyStick Shield Module Robotics Control

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arArduino Shieldshe Joystick Shield enable your Arduino with a joystick! The shield sits on top of your Arduino and turns it into a simple controller. Five momentary push buttons (4+ joystick select button) and a two-axis thumb joystick gives your Arduino functionality on the level of old Nintendo controllers. This shield is a great piece of uer interface board, it is perfect for gaming and navigating through menu quickly. It has headers for LCDs and RF modules , to communicating and displays easily.

 Technical Specification:

  • Input Supply Voltage: 3.5V~5V
  • NRF24L01 RF interface
  • for Nokia 5110 LCD interface
  • Bluetooth interface I2C interface
  • for one PS2 joystick
  • 2-Axis joystick
  • Bluetooth / Serial interface
  • I2C interface
  • nRF24L01 interface
  • Nokia 5110 LCD interface
  • Interface connector
  • Power switch to switch between 3.3 and 5V
  • Size: 87mm*53mm*30mm (L*W*H)


  • For all version of arduino Main board, 2009 , UNO, mega 1280, mega 2560
  • Adding a Bluetooth module interface, convenient Bluetooth wireless serial communication.
  • Add I2C communication interface, easy connectivity to I2C devices
  • Direct plug puzzle board, NO soldering needed
  • Five momentary push buttons (4+ joystick select button, just like the PlayStation 3 analog stick push button)


  • Joystick Game
  • Control Systems
  • Camera Pan/Tilt Control
  • Game Input/Control
  • Robot Control
  • Widely use in DIY projects

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