High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor Module

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The vibration sensing system of this product composed of the buzzing and the contact spring, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high speed, and high performance. Piezoelectric ceramic spring hammer structure vibration signals detection, and through the LM358 OP-AMP and outputs the control signal, it is a low cost, high sensitivity, stable and reliable. Vibration detection can be controlled in a wider range, has been widely applied to automobiles, motorcycle anti-theft system, the vehicle alarm is 80% with this kind of sensor. The sensor can also be used with MCU, wireless transmitting module, wired alarm, etc. They are widely used in automobile anti-theft and other security products.

 Technical Specification:

  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Working current: 6~12mA
  • Cable length: 38.5 inch
  • Size: 1.9in*1.5in*0.8 in (L*W*H)


  • With signal output indicator indication;
  • Single signal output, detecting the vibration output delay 1S signal;
  • The output valid signal is low level and can be connected to the controller such as single chip microcomputer;
  • With mounting holes, easy to install and flexible;
  • The detection vibration sensitivity can be adjusted;
  • The output lead of the circuit board is 1 meter long, with standard 2.54-3pin socket for easy connection.

Pin Description: 


    • Can be used in automobiles to check vibration occasion
    • It can be used in motor cycle anti-thief device.
    • Can be used in electronic lock
    • It can be used in security control.

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