GPS External Anteena - SMA Connector

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This exceptional GPS/GNSS antenna is designed for both GPS and GLONASS reception. The tiny size of this antenna allows it to be used in every space-restricted environments. With a 3-meter long cable, one can use this antenna to enhance the GPS Signals in an indoor project with Raspberry Pi HAT or Arduino Shield. The Antenna has a flat magnetic surface to keep it steady at one place temporarily, or it can permanently stick to any surface with help of Double Sided Tape.

A high gain wide-band patch antenna on an integral ground delivers reliable performance. A fully IP67 waterproof rated and UV resistant enclosure allows use in outdoor environments. Mid SAW filter configuration eliminates potential. LNA burn-out from nearby out of band radiated power bursts from other antennas that may be co-located nearby. The antenna is manufactured to strict first-tier Automotive-quality controlled the manufacturing process.

Technical Specification:

  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Cable Parameters: 28AWG
  • Center Frequency: 1575.42MHz-3MHz / 1575.42MHz+3MHz
  • LNA Gain(Without cable): 25dB
  • Noise Figure: <1.5dB
  • S.W.R: <2.0
  • DC current: 10mA Max
  • Mounting: Magnetic base
  • Housing: Black
  • Working Temp: -40C~+85C
  • Humidity: Humidity 95%~100%RH
  • Weatherproof: 100% Weatherproof
  • Voltage: 3~5V


  • Help your GPS to get stronger signal
  • Picks up your position rapidly
  • Easy to install this antenna has a magnetic base which can adhere to any metal surface
  • GPS Active Antenna with SMA male connector
  • Built-In Strong Magnet
  • Small and Compact Size, easy to hide
  • Plug and play


  • Can be used in systems that require high positioning accuracy by combining signals from GPS, GLONASS, etc.

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