GL12 840 Points Solderless Breadboard

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GL12 840 Points Solderless Breadboard
An GL-12 840 Points Solderless Prototype PCB Breadboard is an invaluable tool for experimenting with circuit designs whether in the R&D or university lab. A breadboard is used to make up temporary circuits for testing or to try out an idea. No soldering is required so it is easy to change connections and replace components.

To use a breadboard for your circuit, follow the circuit diagram and connect one component in a line. Always connect the battery at the last after double-check all the connections. Keep an eye out of common mistakes like mixing ground and supply, connect in a wrong rail, ICs not set properly, etc.

  • 1 Terminal Strip, Tie-point 640
  • 2 Distribution strips, Tie-point 200
  • ABS plastic material
  • Copper nickel plated spring clips
  • Accepts a variety of wrie sizes(20-29AWG)
  • Voltage / current : 300V / 3~5A
Technical Specifications
  • Weight 45 g
  • Dimensions 175 × 67 × 9 mm
  • Product Pitch 840 holes
  • Product Model GL-12
Package Includes:
1 X GL12 840 Points Solderless Breadboard

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