ESP32 CAM WiFi Module Bluetooth with OV2640 Camera Module 2MP

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ESP32-CAM is a WIFI+ bluetooth dual-mode development board that uses PCB on-board antennas and cores based on ESP32 chips. It can work independently as a minimum system.

ESP integrates WiFi, traditional bluetooth and BLE Beacon, with 2 high-performance 32-bit LX6 CPUs, 7-stage pipeline architecture, main frequency adjustment range 80MHz to 240MHz, on-chip sensor, Hall sensor, temperature sensor, etc.

Fully compliant with WiFi 802.11b/g/n/e/i and bluetooth 4.2 standards, it can be used as a master mode to build an independent network controller, or as a slave to other host MCUs to add networking capabilities to existing devices.

Technical Specification:

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Temperature: -20~85°C
  • SPI Flash: Default 32Mbit
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR and BLE standards
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n/
  • UART Baudrate: 115200 bps
  • Size: 40mm*27mm*12mm (L*W*H)


  • Embedded Lwip and Free RTOS
  • Support multiple sleep modes
  • Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 4M PSRAM
  • Support for images WiFI upload
  • Supports TF card
  • Supports multiple sleep modes
  • External Storage: micro SD card slotup to 4GB.


  • Home smart devices
  • Industrial wireless control
  • Wireless monitoring
  • QR wireless identification
  • Wireless positioning system signals
  • IoT applications
  • Transfer out data / information from other application without wire

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