CD4050 Hex Buffer/Converter (Non-Inverting) IC DIP-16 Package

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CD4050 is a hex non – inverting buffer IC belonging to the CD4000 IC series. These devices feature logic level conversion using only one supply voltage (VDD). The input signal high level (VIH) can exceed the VDD supply voltage when these devices are used for logic level conversions.

Technical Specification:

  • Part number: CD4050
  • Technology Family: CD4000
  • VCC: 3V to 18V
  • Channels (#): 6
  • Input type: Standard CMOS
  • Output type: Push-Pull
  • IOL (Max): 18mA
  • IOH (Max): -3.1mA
  • Data rate: 16Mbps


  • Six Independent Hex Inverting Buffers
  • High Source and Sink Capability
  • Wide Supply Voltage
  • Low Power CMOS


  • As CMOS hex inverter/buffer
  • CMOS to DTL/TTL hex converter
  • As CMOS current “sink” or “source” driver
  • CMOS HIGH-to-LOW logic level converter

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