CD4046 Micropower Phase-locked Loop IC DIP-16 Package

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CD4046 belongs to the CD4000 IC series. The CD4046 micropower phase-locked loop (PLL) consists of low power, linear, voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), a source follower, a Zener diode, and two-phase comparators.

Technical Specification:

  • Series: CD4046
  • Product Category: Phase Locked Loops – PLL
  • Product Type: PLLs – Phase Locked Loops
  • Output Level: CMOS
  • Number of Circuits: 1
  • Supply Voltage: 5 ~ 10V


  • Consisting of a Linear, Voltage-Controlled Oscillator and two Phase Comparators
  • The VCO Produces an Output Signal Whose Frequency is Determined by the Input Voltage
  • Inhibit Control Pin
  • Low Power CMOS


  • FM demodulator and modulator
  • Frequency synthesis and multiplication
  • Frequency discrimination
  • Data synchronization and conditioning
  • Voltage-to-frequency conversion
  • Tone decoding
  • FSK modulation
  • Motor speed control

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