CD4030 Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR (EXOR) Gate IC DIP-14 Package

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The CD4030 XOR gates are monolithic complementary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuits constructed with N- and P-channel enhancement mode transistors. All inputs are protected against static discharge with clamping diodes to VDD and VSS. The IC is always available in 14 – pin hermetically sealed dual in line package (DIP). 

Technical Specification:

  • Logic Family: CD4000
  • Series: CD4029B
  • Function: Counter
  • Number of Bits: 4 bit
  • Counting Method: Synchronous
  • Counting Sequence: Up/Down
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 3 ~ 18V


  • Four Independent 2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR Gates
  • Standard Pin Configuration
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Low Power CMOS


  • Automotive
  • Data terminals
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical electronics
  • Industrial controls
  • Remote metering
  • Computers

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