APDS9960 RGB Gesture Sensor Module

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The APDS-9960 provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), IR LED, and a complete proximity detection system in a single 6 pin package. The proximity function offers plug and plays detection to 100 mm (without front glass) thus eliminating the need for factory calibration of the end equipment or sub-assembly. The proximity detection feature operates well from bright sunlight to dark rooms. The wide dynamic range also allows for operation in short-distance detection behind dark glass such as a cell phone. In addition, an internal state machine provides the ability to put the device into a low power mode in between ALS and proximity measurements providing very low average power consumption. Integrated ALS, an infrared LED, and a proximity detector optical module. Programmable upper and lower threshold with interrupt function.

Technical Specification:

  • Input Voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating Range: 10–20cm
  • Operational Voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating Range: 4-8in (10-20cm)
  • I2C Interface (I2C Address: 0x39)


  • Ambient Light & RGB Color Sensing.
  • Proximity Sensing.
  • Gesture Detection


  • Cell Phone Backlight Dimming
  • Cell Phone Touch-screen Disable
  • Notebook/Monitor Security
  • Automatic Speakerphone Enable
  • Automatic Menu Pop-up
  • Digital Camera Eye Sensor

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