8 Channel 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler

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The eight-channel relay module contains eight 5V relays and the associated switching and isolating components, which makes interfacing with a microcontroller or sensor easy with minimum components and connections. Each relay on the board has the same circuit, and the input ground is common to all eight channels.

The eight-channel can be used to switch multiple loads at the same time since there are eight relays on the same module. This is useful in creating a central hub from where multiple remote loads can be powered, which is useful for tasks like home automation where the module can be placed in the main switchboard and can be connected to loads in other parts of the house and can be controlled from a central location using a microcontroller.

Technical Specification:

  • Supply voltage: 3.75V to 6V
  • Trigger current: 5mA
  • Current when relay is active: ~70mA (single), ~600mA (all eight)
  • Relay maximum contact voltage: 250VAC, 30VDC
  • Relay maximum current: 10A
  • Size:140mm*58mm*18mm (L*W*H)


  • DC or AC signal, control, you can control the 220V AC load.
  • One normally closed contact and one normally open contact
  • Triode drive, increasing relay coil
  • High impedance controller pin
  • Pull-down circuit for the avoidance of malfunction
  • The module is compliant with international safety standards, control and load areas isolation trenches.
  • Optically Isolated relays protect your microcontroller from damage if the equipment being controlled fails
  • 5V 8-Channel Relay Interface Board, each one needs 15 – 20mA Driver current
  • Equipped with high current relays 10A which can handle upto 250VAC
  • Relay output status indication by LED
  • Back EMF Protection
  • High Input Impedance


  • Switching mains loads
  • Home automation
  • Battery backup
  • High current load switching

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