700 KPA = 101.52 Psi - Pressure Sensor

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This is a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output - directly proportional to the applied pressure. The sensor is a single monolithic silicon diaphragm with the strain gauge and a thin–film resistor network integrated on-chip. The sensor is laser trimmed for precise span and offset calibration and temperature compensation.

Technical Specification:

  • Pressure Range: 700 Kpa
  • Temperature Range: 125 °C
  • Bridge Resistance: 5.5 kΩ
  • Full-scale span: 120mV
  • Zero Output: 80mV
  • Linearity: 0.3 %FS
  • Pressure Hysteresis: 0.2 %FS
  • Power Supply: 10V
  • Storage Temperature: 150 °C


  • Unique Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge ±1.0% Linearity
  • Full Scale Span Calibrated to 40 mV
  • Easy to Use Chip Carrier Package
  • Basic Element
  • Single Ported Device


  • Pump/Motor Controllers
  • Pneumatic Control
  • Tire Pressure Gauges
  • Robotics
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Pressure Switching

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