600W DC Boost Converter 12V 60V To 80V Step Up Power Supply Module

SKU: VM00267

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DC-DC 600W 10-60V to 12-80V  Step-up Boost Converter Module is a robust, DC to DC, Step-up Boost Converter which includes a large heatsink on the bottom and use a a boost converter for large DC Voltage.

Technical Specification:

  • Input voltage: 12V-60V
  • Input Current: Maximum input current 15A
  • Output voltage: 12V-80V continuously adjustable
  • Output Current: Maximum output current 10A
  • Installation: two 3mm screws
  • Connection: terminals, solderless
  • Size: 76mm*60mm*56mm (L*W*H)


  • 12V to 80V adjustable the width voltage output;
  • Output current can be adjusted
  • Ultra-low dropout voltage
  • Adopt highly customized radiator, rational design
  • Integrated design of radiator and step-up panel, easy to use and install


  • DIY a regulated power supply. As a vehicle power supply, for your laptop, PDA or all kinds of digital products powered
  • Solar panels stabilize voltage to charge batteries or electric vehicles
  • Use low voltage batteries to charge high voltage batteries or lithium batteries
  • Drive high power LED lamp

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