4F - 5.5V Super Capacitor

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A supercapacitor(SC), also called an ultracapacitor, is a high-capacity capacitor with a capacitance value much higher than other capacitors, but with lower voltage limits, that bridges the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries.

Supercapacitors are used in applications requiring many rapid charge/discharge cycles, rather than long-term compact energy storage — in automobiles, buses, trains, cranes and elevators, where they are used for regenerative braking, short-term energy storage, or burst-mode power delivery. Smaller units are used as power backup for static random-access memory(SRAM).

Technical Specification:

  • Withstand voltage: 5.5V
  • Capacitance: 4F
  • Temperature Range: -40oC ~+70oC
  • Long life cycles: 1200000 times charge and discharge


  • Low ESR fast charge only few seconds
  • Large current discharge
  • Green pollution-free
  • Wider practicability for car starting, solar wind and other etc.
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Solar power applications
  • Battery back-up applications
  • Battery applications
  • Flash-light applications

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