3 x 3.7V 18650 Battery Case Connector

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Battery holders are key components in many types of portable and anchored electrical items. The 18650 battery holder is made to handle the higher lithium battery supply voltage. The primary function of a battery holder is to keep cells fixed in place safely and securely while conveying power from the batteries to the device.


  • Battery Holder Type: Plastic
  • Cell Capacity: 3
  • Battery Cell Size: 18650 Battery Case
  • Color: Black
  • Plating type: Gold
  • Battery Output Voltage: 11.1V
  • Connection / Mounting: Surface Mount


  • Easy for carrying around
  • Compact, lightweight
  • High quality, durable
  • Hard plastic material, durable
  • Keep your batteries organized and protected
  • Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts assure low contact resistance and are readily solderable
  • Polarity clearly marked for orientation


  • Computer memory, power backup systems
  • Digital readers
  • Laptop and touch pad computers
  • PLC and industrial controls

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