2 Channel 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler Support High and Low Trigger

SKU: VM00295

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The module has two SRD-05 relays with the coil powered with the voltage of 5 V with optical isolation of the input and mounting holes. The system allows you to control actuators using the microcontroller ports or any development kit using the low or high status - selected by jumper.

Technical Specification:

  • VCC supply voltage: 5V
  • Control signal: 3V
  • Coil voltage: 5V
  • Maximum voltage of contacts: 250V AC, 110 VDC
  • Maximum current: 10a
  • Diameter of mounting holes: 3mm
  • Connectors: screw ARK connectors
  • Board sizes: 50mm*41mm (L*W)


  • Fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not operate
  • The power indicator (green), the relay status indicator (red)
  • The interface design of human nature, all interfaces are available through a direct connection terminal leads, very convenient


  • Can be used as driver of lighting
  • Can be used as driver of actuators
  • Switch for electric devices, including motors

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