2 x 1.5V AAA Battery Case Connector

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Battery holders are key components in many types of portable and anchored electrical items. A battery holder is an integral or removable compartment or cavity, designed to be inserted into - or attached onto - a suitable item of cell-powered equipment. The primary function of a battery holder is to keep cells fixed in place safely and securely while conveying power from the batteries to the device.


  • Battery Holder Type: Plastic
  • Cell Capacity: 2
  • Battery Cell Size: AAA
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Output Voltage: 3V
  • Connection / Mounting: Surface Mount


  • Easy for carrying around
  • Compact, lightweight
  • High quality, durable
  • Hard plastic material, durable
  • Keep your batteries organized and protected


  • Remote controls
  • Mp3 players, handheld gaming systems and other portable entertainment devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Cordless mice or keyboards
  • Flashlights and other portable lighting units
  • Clocks and alarms
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • High power torches and flashlights
  • Safety systems
  • Megaphones, larger musical instruments and more powerful audio devices or speakers
  • Motorised toys and portable gaming consoles
  • Products with inbuilt electric motors, etc.

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