170 Points Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Transparent

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170 Points Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Transparent

This 170 Points Mini Transparent Breadboard SYB-170 Green is best for your small Arduino Projects. The 170 Points breadboard is named for its 170 tie points. It has 17 columns of 10 holes, which are separated into two pairs by a central notch, and labeled 1 to 17. It comes with the adhesive back for easy attachment with the application.

They're useful for basic prototyping. They are the modern breadboards, a plug-and-play way to make connections between electronic components.

Features :
  • Plug-n-play.
  • Easy to use.
  • Components are easily interconnected using 20-28 AWG wire
  • 2.54 mm hole spacing
  • ABS plastic material.
Specifications :
  • Tie Points 170
  • Compatible Wire Sizes (AWG) 20 to 28
  • Color Green
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 48x35x10
  • Weight (gm) 14
Package Includes :
1 x 170 Points Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Transparent

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