125KHz - RFID Thick Proximity Card

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This a small sized RFID tag. IT works in the 125 KHz range. RFID is useful for sensing and identifying tagged people and objects for access control, automation, inventory management and a whole range of different applications. This basic RFID tag works in the 125kHz RF range and comes with a unique 32-bit ID. It is not re-programmable. This blank, smooth, and mildly flexible RFID tag, is ready for your logo

Technical Specification:

  • Thickness: 30mil +/- 10%
  • Construction: High-quality PVC, Graphics Quality
  • Color: White aGloss
  • Technology: Contactless LF (Low Frequency) Proximity Card
  • Frequency: 125 KHz
  • Read Range: 2" – 5"
  • Size: 54mm*85.5mm*0.8mm (L*W*H)


  • Offers universal compatibility with proximity card readers
  • Can be formatted and programmed with an external number for easy identification and control
  • Custom pre-printing and programming available
  • Meets ISO standards for thickness
  • Qualified for use with all Zebra Card printers
  • Accepts either a horizontal or vertical slot punch
  • Strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking


  • Security and automation system
  • Read range and data transfer speed requirement
  • Presence sensing
  • Access Control
  • Gaming

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