10 LED Red Bar Graph

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In many of our day to day applications we need to know the approximate amount of content left in the store. Wouldn’t it be great if we know the amount of juice left in a carton or amount of breads left in a box? Just kidding! But in electronics we use these 10 segment light bar to determine the amount of battery charge left, the amount of liquid resin left in 3D printer, the amount of fuel left in the tank etc. These things cannot be figured out if they are in an enclosure and cannot be physically accessed so we install these 10 segment bar lights to show how much approximately the content left is. 

Technical Specification:

  • Display type: 10 Segment LED
  • Configuration: Common Cathode
  • of Pins: 20
  • LED Glow Color: Red
  • Size: 25mm*10mm*14mm (L*W*H)


  • High Intensity Red Output
  • Ideal for Audio and Meter Displays
  • Economically Priced
  • Easy to Mount
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Single chip computer
  • Audio equipment
  • Instrument panels
  • Digital read out display

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